João Luís Fernandes


PhD in Geography by the University of Coimbra, is a researcher at the Center of Studies in Geography and Territorial Planning (CEGOT). interested in Social and Cultural Geography, he’s been involved in research in areas like cultural landscapes, its dynamics and structuring, especially in the way they’re represented and, simultaneously, territorialise the contents of creative industries such as the film industry. It’s by taking account of those new landscapes and their relationship with the creative industries that he’s also been concerned with the construction of the image of places and its affirmation on a territorial marketing integrated in strategical planning processes. In that sense, he has also been involved on the analysis of the internal cohesion of each geographical space, in the association of different actors with certain places, and, more specifically, in the factors of disruption, fracture and re-establishment of those relationships, represented by cycles of deterritorialization-reterritorialization

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Ana Sofia Duque


Degree in Tourism, Recreation and Heritage at the University of Coimbra. Currently attending the master’s degree in Recreation, Heritage and Development, in the same institution. Holds the Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude Trainers (CAP) and speaks English, French and Spanish. Throughout her academic path she had received some awards: 3% Best Students (2011), Prémio Curricular Feijó 2010, Prémio Feijó 2009, delivered by the University of Coimbra.

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