School of Agronomy (ISA-UTL)

ISA/UTL (School of Agronomy) is the faculty of agricultural sciences of the Technical University of Lisbon. It is the first school in Portugal in agricultural sciences and related areas like forestry, food science, environment science, biology or landscape architecture. ISA is situated in Lisbon and spreads over a green and wooded area of around 250 acres providing a very friendly environment for studying and researching. Although academic education and research activities have been practiced for 150 years, a considerable dynamism is shown by keeping up with initiatives like the European Union Lisbon Strategy and Bologna Treaty. Our core business is Higher Education, Research & Development and Technology Transfer.
At ISA about 1200 students are currently enrolled in 3 levels of study (first cycle, second cycle, and third cycle – PhD). The teaching staff consists of about 150 professors and researchers, organized in 10 departments.
Presently our scientific work includes 182 Research & Development projects (36 international) and many others involving Technology Transfer. We are leader participant in 8 international projects with EU financial support and in 40 national projects, mostly with financial support of the EU and Portuguese funds for Research & Development. Most of our partners in international projects belong to the EU. Our partners in international and national projects include Universities, Research Institutes and Private Enterprises.


Instituto Superior de Agronomia

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