The University of Coimbra (UC) is an indisputable reference in higher education and research in Portugal, due to the quality of the courses taught at its eight Faculties (Letters, Law, Medicine, Sciences & Technology, Pharmacy, Economics, Psychology & Education Sciences and Sports Sciences & Physical Education) and to the advances achieved in research in various areas of knowledge. This University is not only a true icon of Portuguese culture in the world, but it also pursues a policy of constant improvement in various fields, which allow it to reassert the high quality of research and teaching, as well as an active role in the development of businesses and industry. The history of UC dates back to the 13th century, since the University was established in 1290. Combining its long and valuable history with the pursuit for constant improvement, UC is considered as a Portuguese reference in the world, resulting not only from its history but especially from the activities that are here developed in the research and teaching fields as well as the participation in international contact networks. UC is among the major science and technology hubs for applied and fundamental research in Portugal. Over the years UC has received national and international funding for hundreds of research projects. Nowadays there are more than two hundred research projects being carried out, some of which are directly financed by EC and in which the university is the coordinator.

The Center of Studies in Geography and Territorial Planning (CEGOT) is a nonprofit research unit composed by researchers from the Coimbra, Porto and Minho universities whose common goal is to promote R&D activities in the geography and territorial planning domains.

Based on the university where its Coordinator belongs to, CEGOT was officially recognized as a research unit in December 2008.



Centro de Estudos em Geografia e Ordenamento do Território (CEGOT)

Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra

Largo da Porta Férrea

3004-530 Coimbra


(+351) 239 859 900


(+351) 239 836 733